MBA Grads Getting a Raise

It’s a good time to be an MBA. reports that more companies this year are looking to hire MBA grads—and they’re ready  to pay these new hires well, according to a survey of employers conducted  by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

87146_imageThe expected median starting salary this year is $100,000, an increase of $5,000 from 2014 and $45,000 more than what grads with bachelor’s degrees can expect from the same companies. Additionally, 84 percent of employers surveyed plan to hire MBAs this year, a sharp increase from the past four years, which averaged 72 percent.

Fortune notes that this is especially good news for grads looking to offset the piles of student loans that got them through business school. For BYU MBAs, the upturn in employer interest is just icing on the cake. The Marriott School, well-known for its high ROI, was ranked sixth in favorable salary-to-debt ratio by in the U.S. News & World Report this year, and more than 90 percent of MBA grads are placed within three months of graduation.