If you’re like most supervisors, you are not getting as much out of performance appraisals as you could be. If you feel like your appraisals are monotonous, ritual, and unproductive, you’ve come to the right place. In “Exceeding Expectations: Perfecting Performance Appraisals,” from Marriott Alumni Magazine, you can learn exactly how to conduct a performance appraisal that will help both your employees and your company exceed expectations. Here are three important tips:

1. Conduct appraisals throughout the year

Appraisals should not be a once-a-year event. They are much more effective when they are done consistently. “Wise supervisors never stop reviewing performance,” writes Donald Smurthwaite, author of the article. “The annual performance interview then becomes the culmination of yearlong feedback and not a blind side by the boss. More feedback is simply better for the employee and the company.”

2. Be honest and forthright in the interview

Appraisal experts say the interview portion of the appraisal should be truthful and straightforward. “Supervisors who don’t take the opportunity to provide both positive and not-so-positive performance reviews aren’t doing anyone a favor,” says Sandy Berain, a supervisor and human relations manager. Employee performance that is evaluated directly and constructively will almost always improve.

3. Link employee’s performance to the company’s goals

Employees need to know how their work contributes to the organization. “Ultimately, the performance review should tie an employee’s skills and performance to the organization’s strategic goals,” says John Bingham, MBA program director.  “Otherwise, his or her job is simply instrumental to getting a paycheck.”

Get all of the dos and don’ts for a perfect performance appraisal in the Winter 2009 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine.