Overheard in the Tanner Hall of Fame

The Exchange staff is proud to debut the best overheard quotes of all time—with GIFS! Enjoy our favorite phrases from years past. To read this year’s top picks check out the current edition of “Overheard in the Tanner” in the most recent issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine.

  1. “I have a date tonight, a date tomorrow morning, and a date tomorrow afternoon. It will be hard to find time for my finance homework.”


  1. “We all learned that in leadership class last year, right?” “Wait, we learned what?”

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  1. “I know I need to eat healthy, but I don’t have time for that.”

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  1. “The hardest question for me to answer was when she asked how immigration is affecting national security.”

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  1. “For fresh-cut salad, private labels have grown 15 percent. Cheeseballs, however, have plummeted.”

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  1. “I’m going to take the survey a hundred times and skew your data.”

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  1. “I invested all my money in gold and mutual funds, and that’s tanked.”

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  1. “How many brothers do you have here?” “Four.” “Do they have any cute roommates?”

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  1. “He makes us put our laptops down and take notes.” “We can’t use our laptops?”

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  1. “How are you doing?” “I’m doing late!”

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  1. “We sat there in literal awkward silence for four minutes. I didn’t really think of it as a date.”

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  1. “Oh, that’s simple. It’s a Hadoop-based repository scheme.”

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  1. “Hey girl, I didn’t know you had classes in the Tanner.”

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