April 20

Three Tips for Aspiring MBAs

Helping students find academic success is all in a day’s work for BYU’s MBA program director Christine Roundy, who manages curriculum and tracks student progress. After nineteen years at the Marriott School, Roundy knows what it takes to succeed as an MBA student. Read on for her best advice.

MAM: What makes a successful MBA student?

CR: Someone who is diligent in their studies and in their passions as well. They are willing to learn from others and are not too set in their ways but able to go with the flow.

MAM: What are your tips for aspiring MBA students?

CR: It’s all about learning, consistently learning. If you don’t know something, figure it out; research it and find the answer. You also need to brush up on Excel and on your quantitative skills. And for those still in their undergraduate programs, enjoy getting your undergrad degree. Embrace it—business school is different. An MBA is a great addition to the education you are already receiving.

MAM: What would you like more people to know about the BYU MBA program?

CR: The program is great—we are known for having a top ROI. But beyond that, there’s great faculty who are supportive, who really care about the students and their success. Some faculty will come to me and say this student is really struggling in my class and I don’t know if he or she is going to make it. To have a professor say that about a student really means something. They really want to help them.

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