In the Atrium with Noemi Morales

Noemi_In the Atrium

Noemi Morales, a native of Roswell, Georgia, started out as a photography major at BYU-Idaho. Although it took her a few years in Rexburg, an LDS mission to St. George, Utah; and lots of decisions, Morales has finally found her calling in the Marriott School’s recreation management program. She’s even landed an internship with a popular new company called Slide the City that puts on giant waterslide events across the country.

MAM: How did you go from photography to recreation management?

Noemi Morales: I was in the photography program at BYUI, and my friend was in the rec management program. I started to realize I really didn’t love my classes, so she told me look into recreation management. I enjoy helping people in general, and the description of RecM was exactly that—helping people have different experiences. It’s a very people-oriented career, and it’s really versatile as to how you can go about serving others. I’m passionate about how recreation and art can give people confidence and help them create a better life.

MAM: You’ve already worked as a recreation manager for the City of Provo. Can you tell me about your current internship with Slide the City?

NM: My boss, Scott, has a franchise of Slide the City, so he’s in charge of twelve of their locations across the country. I’m working for those locations on their advertising and marketing as well as their social media. I also do some of the planning for the events, like finding volunteers and organizing the vendors that will be there.

MAM: You sound busy. What do you like to do for fun?

NM: I have a road bike that I’m absolutely obsessed with. I just love being outside and riding my bike. And I still enjoy making art since it used to be my major—I love hand lettering. Whenever I have the chance to try a new DIY project or learn a new art technique, I like to do that.

MAM: What’s been your favorite class at BYU?

NM: REC 300, “Creating a Good Life through Recreation.” That class actually changed my life. You read different books and excerpts of recreation theory, like how to have a more balanced life. You learn about managing your time in order to make time for the people that are important to you, and why spending time outdoors is so important for a well-balanced life.

MAM: You’ll graduate in June with your recreation management degree and a nonprofit minor—what are your career plans?

NM: I’m looking into a job to work with children who have disabilities. It’s this program called Brain Balance that helps kids with learning disabilities learn brain exercises in order to have a well-rounded mind. My emphasis is youth development in communities, so to me this is a perfect fit. The whole concept of recreation management is creating meaningful experiences for other people, and I just absolutely love helping people to have a better quality of life.