April 03

Former EY CEO Hails Women in Business

According to James S. Turley, all people should feel comfortable with career growth in the workplace.

Turley is the former CEO of EY and the 2014 Marriott School International Executive of the Year. He currently serves as an honorary director of Catalyst, a nonprofit organization established in 1962 that promotes inclusive workplaces and expanded opportunities for women in business.

“There is now an even more compelling reason for organizations to place renewed value on having diverse perspectives in leadership,” Turley says. “Clearly, the contributions of women at every level are critical in moving companies and our global economy forward—and the mission and work of Catalyst is more important than ever before.”

Turley served as Catalyst’s Chair of the Board of Directors from 2009 to 2013. See his thoughts on being part of its mission here:

Photos courtesy of Catalyst.

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