The Next Step: Hiring Your Dream Team


The right team can take a project from dream to reality. While interviewing entrepreneurs for “The Next Step,” I got some expert tips on finding the right people to hire, whether you’re founding a startup or looking to expand your team. Here are a few tricks to try the next time you’re hiring.

1. Determine the skills you need

Complementary skills are key to a successful innovation team, according to Jeff Dyer, Marriott School scholar and coauthor of The Innovator’s Method. “You need some people who are sort of the dreamers, but then you also need to have some people who are good on the execution side, who can take those ideas and run the experiment,” he says.

2. Use a personality test

When you have a lot of applicants for one position, a personality test can easily tell you who stands out from the pack. Amy Rees Anderson, a managing partner at REES Capital and successful startup founder, relies on personality profiles when hiring to help her identify people’s strengths and weaknesses.

“You can ask a million questions, but it still won’t give you a sense of who someone is,” Anderson says. “We do the profiling first so we can know their strengths and weaknesses and then delve into those in the interview.”

3. Interview with a group

Anderson also recommends interviewing candidates with a group rather than just one person. Each interviewer will naturally ask different types of questions, and group interviews reveal how the applicant interacts with different types of people.

For more on building a successful startup and innovating in daily life, check out “The Next Step: Facing Uncertainty with Innovation” in the Winter 2015 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine.