LinkedIn Insider: Alum Ryan Giles


Ryan GilesAn account executive for LinkedIn, 2008 MBA grad Ryan Giles happily promoted a new kind of passivity that can change the way companies and potential employees—from all career stages—come together.

“Only about 20 percent of the population is actively looking for a job,” he says, drawing from several years of experience with social media’s no. 1 recruiting tool. “LinkedIn allows companies to access the other 80 percent of professionals. We’re encouraging companies—and this is usually how it works now—to go look at all the professionals and find the best fit. You’re going to open up a door they didn’t even know existed.”

Giles, now the director of talent at MobileIron, recommends that those looking for jobs be what he calls “passive candidates.” Tailor your language to convey that you are doing well in your current job but that you are open to exploring dream-job possibilities. Include key words in your profile to attract the types of companies you’re interested in.

Whether you’re active or passive, the most important thing is to be online.

“I get people stopping me all the time saying they found their next job on LinkedIn,” he says. “It’s a daily occurrence. Social is happening, and it’s real. You don’t have to participate, but just accept that you are going to miss out.”

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