In the Atrium with Tanner Jones

BYU sophomore Tanner Jones seeks create a business focusing on helping others have a better life. (Photo by Maude Lee)

In the Atrium with Tanner Jones

A business marketing major from Sandy, Utah, sophomore Tanner Jones grew up in a house divided by mascot and alma mater. His mother is a Brigham Young University graduate and his father hails from the University of Utah. Jones currently works as a teaching assistant for Intro to Entrepreneurship and plans to create a sustainable business post-graduation.

MAM: Your mom wears blue, and your dad wears red. Why did you choose the Cougars?

Tanner Jones:  I’ve always wanted to go to BYU. I would cheer for BYU growing up. Learning about the Marriott School gave me the desire to work hard to get here.

MAM: Have you changed majors since you’ve been a student at BYU?

TJ: I’ve always wanted to do marketing. My dad is an entrepreneur. He started a chain of car washes along with several other businesses, including a restaurant. I was a part of the car wash board from age eleven up until they were bought out.  I’ve seen all phases of business and what goes into it. I really enjoy the marketing aspect.

MAM: Who is an influencer in your life?

TJ: One of my influencers is Roberto Clemente, an MLB player from the Dominican Republic and the first Hispanic American player to be drafted. He said that anytime you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on earth. He was willing to put his life on the line for what he believed in.

MAM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

TJ: I would love to have a successful business that gives others an opportunity to have a better life. Whether it’s giving them jobs or helping them some other way, I hope I can be in a position to create a better world.

MAM: The CET seeks to help students learn, earn, and return. How do you plan to return to BYU?

TJ: Since I’ve been involved with the CET, I’ve had the chance to meet with successful people like Warren Osborn, Scott Petersen, Corbin Church, and Nick Greer, to name a few. They’ve been able to come back and share their experiences. Being able to return as a mentor is what I want to do.