INTEX: The Legendary Final Project


There’s one group of students on campus already thinking about finals week. Information systems students prepare every day for the culminating event of their junior core: INTEX, a weeklong exercise that requires them to use everything they’ve learned that semester. Students come out of the competition with great stories, as well as valuable experience that can help them land jobs. Here’s how a few INTEX veterans tell it:

  • “You’re going to have to use everything you’ve learned that whole semester in a week’s time,” says Derek Peck, a second-year student in the MISM program. “The professors gave a formal presentation, then handed us a packet and said, ‘We’ll see you in a week!’”
  • “Some groups’ final write-ups can be 120 pages,” says Travis Selland, a first-year MISM student. “There’s no limit or expectation that is set—they just give you the problem and tell you to solve it.”
  • “I walked into another groups’ study room and saw that they had their notes and diagrams in whiteboard marker covering the entire board and glass window,” says Nathan Dudley, another first-year MISM student.
  • “They cancel all of our classes for the week, and you basically cancel your life,” laughs Tahna Black, an MISM student and copresident of BYU’s Association for Information Systems. “But it’s so worth it. I learned so much from the experience.”

To read more about INTEX and how it helps IS students prepare for challenging careers, check out Inside the Classroom in the upcoming Winter 2015 issue of the Marriott Alumni Magazine.