Editor’s Notes: Inside the Winter 2015 Issue

Marriott Mag Cover Winter 2015This year marks a huge milestone for the Marriott School. For fifty years the BYU MPA program has prepared graduates—nearly 3,500 of them—to be a force for good around the world. Later, the program’s mission expanded to include nonprofit work when the family of George W. Romney shared his name—and focus on volunteerism—with the department.

To honor this impressive achievement, we’ve packed this issue with MPA content—starting on the cover. Members of the Romney family, including former Massachusetts governor and presidential nominee Mitt Romney, came to campus to kick-off the anniversary celebration. In “BYU MPA Celebrates Fifty Years,” you can read Romney’s forum address as well as remarks from Romney Institute director Jeffery Thompson.

Following the theme, “Gravity Check,” chronicles 2009 MPA grad Michelle Curtis’ experience at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. As an analyst, it’s her job to keep the rock scientists grounded.

In addition to the MPA goodies, this issue is also packed with real-world advice. “The Next Step” is a practical guide to taking your ideas from inception to completion, based on research from Marriott School professors Nathan Furr and Jeff Dyer. In “Linking In, Moving Up,” you can learn how to harness the power of social media to land your dream job.

Wrapping up the issue, James Turley, former CEO of EY and the Marriott School’s 2014 International Executive of the Year, shares the qualities he thinks make the best leaders in “An Unshakable Bedrock of Integrity.” You guessed it. Integrity takes the top spot.

The Winter 2015 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine is now available at marriottmag.byu.edu and on iTunes.