Editor’s Notes: Inside the Fall 2014 Issue

CoverFall’s back-to-BYU rush marks the return of students and long lines at the bookstore’s candy counter—Heavenly Hash Fudge, anyone? But despite the electric atmosphere, a hush falls over campus annually as the academic community marks Patriot Day with a vigil to remember those who lost their lives on 11 September 2001.

Curtis Bedont will never forget 9/11. The day’s tragic events changed the 1997 business management alum’s life forever and eventually led him to a ten-by-ten cell in Iraq’s most notorious prison. In “Rank and File,” Bedont shares his experiences as an army dentist and how the military—and the Marriott School—taught him a thing or two about leadership.

This issue also features Michael O. Leavitt, former US secretary of Health and Human Services, in “Collaborative Leadership.” Leavitt spoke to graduates at April’s convocation, outlining how building alliances is as important in the boardroom as it is on the battlefield.

In fact, the power to collaborate has never been more important. Increasingly, BYU students are joining forces to eliminate poverty, disease, and other development issues around the globe. In “Socially Minded, Profit-Driven,” journalist Bremen Leak highlights how social entrepreneurs are using business principles to affect change in Madagascar, Uganda, and even Utah.

While these young change-makers are creating opportunities around the world, entrepreneurship professor Gibb Dyer argues that making a difference actually begins in our own homes. In “Family Matters,” Dyer discusses his thirty years of studying small businesses and the results are striking: strong economies are tied to strong families.

Finally, “Popular Vote” takes a look at what may seem like a light issue: office popularity. But getting the thumbs-up at work is no laughing matter. Likability is the key to getting hired, gathering resources, and moving up. Assistant editor Katie Pitts Olson outlines twelve steps to help you improve your likability score. My personal favorite: using the FivebyFive challenge to identify common interests with officemates. I’m going to start with Heavenly Hash.

The Fall 2014 issue is now available at marriottmag.byu.edu and on iTunes.