Tanner Building Tricks and Tips

5 Tanner Tips

The Tanner Building is a second home to thousands of Marriott School students, but, admit it, the building’s big grey façade is a bit intimidating. Here are some tips from experienced Tanner dwellers on how to expertly navigate the TNRB.

  1. The Atrium

Three peaceful levels of natural light, fountains, and trees make the atrium an ideal spot for study time or a lunch break. A tip from Diane Stewart, a first-year MBA student: the glass doors to the atrium stairs open the opposite direction than what you would expect. Notice the sign on the door, and it will save you some awkwardness.

  1. Blue Line Deli

The trusty Blue Line is more than just a deli. Yes, they have soups, quesadillas, smothered burritos, bagels, and hot dogs. But if a big project is dominating your schedule, you can also pick up supplies like toothbrushes, ibuprofen, and cough drops without leaving the Tanner.  Here’s a tip from Austin Permann, a sophomore who loves eating at the Blue Line: try the bread bowl with tomato basil soup. Even though he’s not a business major, he often wanders to the Tanner when lunch rolls around.

  1. Study Rooms

Whether you’re getting together a study group, working on a collaborative project, or hashing out the details of your next business venture, you can reserve a group study room or conference room in the Tanner Building. Just sign up on our scheduler to reserve a room up to a day in advance. Snag a room with an LCD screen to put up a presentation.

  1. Recruiter Tables

As the semester progresses, you’ll notice friendly recruiters from companies all over the United States. They’re willing to talk about career opportunities and can hook you up with a job interview, or if nothing else, a cookie. For more help finding your dream job, visit the Career Center on the fourth floor. They can guide you through info sessions, help with résumés, and set up interviews.

  1. Elevators

If you’re confused by the elevators in the building, you’re not alone. There are four elevators in the building: two on the west side of the building, one in the southwest corner, and one in the northeast corner. While the two side-by-side elevators in the building’s addition will only take you up to the fourth floor, the elevator on the southwest side of the building only travels from the fourth to seventh floor. If you want an uninterrupted ride from floor one to floor seven, use the northeast elevator.