In the Atrium with Kari Durrant

BYU Therapeutic Recreation - Kari Durrant

Kari Durrant calls her switch from majoring in dance to therapeutic recreation in the Marriott School of Management a “drastic change.” The senior from Surprise, Arizona, believes that any service opportunity can be fun, so the prospect of a career in dance therapy seemed appealing as a freshman. But after learning about the therapeutic recreation program here, she knew she’d found her perfect profession.

“I love helping people and having fun with it!” Durrant says of her switch. “The therapeutic recreation program was exactly what I wanted, and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Durrant serves as copresident of the BYU Therapeutic Recreation Club, where she arranges club events in partnership with local organizations. Most of the events focus on adaptive recreation, a way to include people with disabilities in recreational activities. “Having a disability doesn’t mean you’re disabled. It means you do things differently,” Durrant says. “Inclusivity through adaptive recreation is effective because it helps people feel independent. They learn that they can accomplish the same things as other people.”

Durrant is also applying her know-how with the University Accessibility Center to promote Accessibility Awareness week on campus. She feels these experiences are helping her become a better leader and planner. “I’ve gained knowledge that will shape the rest of my life,” she says.

In the little free time she has, Durrant enjoys spending time with her husband and family. “I’m the queen of wasting—I mean spending—time on Netflix,” she says, “and I’m an intense fan of Marvel comic books and movies.” Hiking and camping are among her favorite activities, and given the option she always prefers to be outside.

For prospective Marriott School students, Durrant leaves the following advice: “Be prepared for work but also great reward. You will have wonderful opportunities and experiences, and you will make the type of friends that stick with you always.”

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