Need a Home? Use Doorspotter


With only two weeks left before fall semester starts, it’s officially crunch time for housing, which means getting real about where you’re going to live this fall. If you haven’t landed a pad yet because of summer procrastination or a last-minute change of plans, then head to

Created by a trio of MISM students from the Marriott School of Management last winter semester, Doorspotter is the perfect tool for finding the right digs for you or family and friends.

At Doorspotter you’ll have access to intuitive and dynamic searches based on factors like price, marital status, amenities, and location. You can also see how long it takes to get from a prospective apartment to different campus buildings, how much the apartment or house is worth compared to what renters are paying, and how the inclusion of certain amenities affects price.

Check out Inside the Classroom from the Summer 2014 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine to learn more about the Doorspotter story.

Photo credit: DCCXLIX