Students Say the Darndest Things

Each issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine includes the best funny quotes heard within the Marriott School of Management in “Overheard in the Tanner.” I had the honor of listening in on these conversations for the latest issue, and the assignment was too much fun. Check out the full list of tidbits in the magazine or keep reading to see a few of my favorites coupled with animated GIFs.


1. “Look at me and promise that you won’t tell anyone.” “I promise I won’t tell anyone you kissed Sam.” “Yeah, you can’t be trusted.”


2. “I took a racquetball class last semester, and I improved a lot. I play a pretty average game now.”


3. “I feel like taxes put me in a different mindset.”

Krabs Taxes

4. “I’m a genius. You can study me if you want.” “Maybe not.”

awkward kids

5. “Do you watch Downton Abbey? The answer—it’s in your eyes.”

Maggie Smith Downton Abbey

6. “All the kids in my class are doing a couple of hours of service every week before graduation. It’s like they’re service hungry.”

Hungry for Service

7. “What is school? It’s a lot of people smarter than me sitting in a room and debating intelligent questions.”

School is people smarter than me

8. “I want you to know that I successfully used the words capital structure in a sentence the other day.” “Sometimes I worry that something is wrong with you.”

Something wrong with me

9. “What’s it like being pregnant?” “Not too bad, if you don’t mind being sick and unable to walk for six months.”

Sick pregnant lady

10. “Honey, this is important: chicken or beef?”

Beef pork chicken

11. “Class break in the hallway: it’s just about survival at this point.”

Crowded hallway

12. “The class average has always been 82 percent. You have to remember—it’s the Marriott School.”

but it's hard - Scott Pilgrim

13. “Are you talking to the EY guys? I worked for them!” “Yeah! They just gave me a free shirt!”

Handouts - Garth Wayne's World

14. “I’m not nervous about doing interviews.” “What is it, then?”  “Well, sometimes, I just . . . no words.”

Dean is confused

15. “I want to know how to cook. Girls love guys who cook.”

Ash Ketchum cooks

If you’ve overheard something funny in the Tanner Building, we want to know! Send us an email to M A R R I O T T M A G @ B Y U . E D U (no spaces) with OVERHEARD in the subject line.