Editor’s Notes: Inside the Summer 2014 Issue

Summer 2014 cover

With a goal to donate 25,000 hours of service during the 2013–14 academic year, the Marriott School of Management was taking on a Monumental effort—with a capital M. For each hour served, one tennis ball was dropped into a giant M installation (pictured on our cover). Alumni, faculty, students, and staff reached the goal—and effectively turned the atrium blue—the week before April 2014 graduation.

To mark the occasion, assistant editor Katie Pitts Olson spoke with Marriott 25 campaign participants in “The Spirit to Serve.” Their stories are touching reminders that small acts—and occasionally big ones—can change lives for the better.

Along a similar theme, “Speaker of the House” chronicles the volunteer work of MISM alum Mirella Petersen. After her son was diagnosed with autism in 2011, Petersen decided to speak up for insurance reform in Utah. The fruit of her labor, SB57, was recently passed into law, meaning more children will have access to the medical care they need.

This issue also features a lighthearted look at our School of Accountancy grads. In “Playing against Personality Type,” journalist Bremen Leak explodes the accounting stereotype, replacing words like dull and boring with colorful and extroverted. The personality research comes courtesy of Marriott School professor Monte Swain and is applicable across disciplines and MBTI types (find yours here).

Finally, we’ve compiled stats, rankings, and more to give you a peek at what goes on inside the Marriott School in the Annual Report. For instance, did you know that the typical base salary for a Marriott School MBA grad is nearly $97,000 with a 95 percent placement rate? That’s an impressive return on investment, but it pales in comparison to what the Marriott School community did for individuals, families, and organizations during the service drive.

One of J. W. Marriott’s favorite sayings was, “Success is never final.” It’s a reminder that this campaign was simply a jumping-off point. There’s a lot more to do, to give, and to become. Here’s to many more hours of Marriott School service in the future—albeit without the tennis balls.

The Summer 2014 issue is now available at marriottmag.byu.edu and on iTunes.