Test Out Your Personality Type

I’m an INFJ, red-blue split, and least like an otter. Though that won’t all fit on a nametag, knowing your personality type can help move business along. In Marriott Alumni Magazine’s Summer 2014 issue, author Bremen Leak explored the impact of personality types in the workplace. Now it’s time to find out who you are in this web of codes and colors.

Personality Speaking

ENTJ. INTP. ESFP. Make this alphabet soup work for you. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator puts a label on your personality, but it’s an empowering one. Knowing your code can help you recognize your skills and strengths. The official MBTI costs money, but you can use this test for free. For those still in school, many university career centers provide the real test at a reasonable fee. BYU students can find info on the test here.

Color Me . . . ?

What motivates you? Does your blue personality drive you to do good? Or are you are you a yellow, fun-loving type? The Color Code can help you unpack your core motives. The free version only lets you see your core color, but the paid option provides a comprehensive analysis.

Second Nature

Do you take charge of tasks with a lion-like might? Of maybe you’re more inclined toward snap decisions like a playful otter? The Smalley Institute, a marriage counseling organization, has taken the traditional DISC personality test and added easy-to-remember animal types. A free version of the test can be printed here. For more in-depth information on these types, check out Dave Ramsey’s take on their role in hiring employees.

Working Type

Remember those high school career inventories? Well, you may be much further along in your career, but a quick interest inventory might spark some ideas of passions previously forgot. BYU offers several free career assessments for those on and off campus.

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