Abounding Blooms for Mom on a Budget

No one deserves to be celebrated more than Mom. And this weekend, children will get their chance to say thank you to the women who gave them life. The National Retail Federation anticipates Mother’s Day spending will reach $19.9 billion—an average of $162.94 per mom! About $2.3 billion of that money will be spent on flowers. Try something a bit different this year with these green gifts that add variety without raising the national spending average.

For the Mom on the Move

Here’s a house plant that won’t add another to-do to Mom’s list: tillandsia, the air plant. With over 650 varieties, these beauties look great in a terrarium and need very little attention since they draw nutrients from the air.


air plants attribute to Amy Gizienski

For the Modern Décor Mom

The perfect gift for trendy moms, succulents have been making the rounds on Pinterest. These plants require little water, making them good for the forgetful gardener.


succulent attribute to Sean A. O'Hara

For the Stylish Mom

Would your mom like something that makes a statement? Consider a fiddle leaf fig. With its violin-shaped leaves, this potted tree makes a dramatic and pleasing addition to the home. The initial cost does grow with the size of the tree, which ranges from table-top pot to ceiling-brushing branches. Finding the right balance of sun and water can be tricky, so consider this only for the mom with at least a semi-green thumb.


Fiddle_Leaf_Fig_in_pot attribution needed

For the Frugal Mom

If Mom’s a penny-pincher, she might not want you to overindulge, but she certainly still wants—and deserves—something nice. The Today Show with Kelly Grant recently shared some great ideas for saving on flowers. Their top tip? Buy one type of flower en masse from a nearby supermarket. A vase brimming with tulips can have the same wow-factor as a professionally arranged assortment. This gift won’t outlast our other suggestions, but you’ll still be saving some green.


tulips attribute Kristof Borkowski

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Photo credits: Martin LaBar, Amy Gizienski, Seán A. O’Hara, Joe Morris, Kristof Borkowski