25 Reasons the Marriott School is Awesome

1. The Tanner Building is the architectural equivalent of a gray flannel suit.

Suit Up


2. We speak your language: 75 percent of the student body is bilingual (30 percent is trilingual).

Spanish genius


3. Of those seeking employment from the last graduating class, 93 percent were offered a job.


4. Students and alumni are connected in a networking web, which may account for our great placement rate.


5. The Ballard Center for Self-Reliance embodies the BYU motto, Enter to Learn; Go Forth to Serve.


6. The on-campus internship program allows students to show off their skills to big names like eBay and Boeing without giving up a sweet apartment in Provo.

neighborhood youths


7. A spirit of entrepreneurship pervades the building, and we’ve got successful start-ups to prove it.

start a shop


8. There’s always food somewhere in the TNRB.


9. The study rooms are professional looking and available.

Study room


10. The printers have staplers attached to them. Research paper? Nailed it.



11. Recruiters like coming to the Marriott School. They ranked us No. 3 in the country in Businessweek.


12. MSM programs are frequently ranked in the top ten.

Ben Affl


13. Our students wear business dress well.

Don Draper


14. The return on investment is phenomenal: state of the art education for a fraction of the price.

price is right


15. Marriott School students are no strangers to jet lag. Through the Whitmore Global Management Center, many spend time visiting international business centers.



16. High-profile competitions—think the NVC, IBMC, and VCIC—keep the Marriott School in it to win it.


17. The faculty want to be here. Many have come from successful professional ventures to teach at BYU.



18. Rigorous programs leave students exhausted but ready to tackle anything.

dr who


19. Our clubs are active, well-connected, and know how to throw a good party.



20. Instead of being harshly competitive, we work together.


21. All that natural light pouring into the Tanner Building keeps our brains pumping.


22. At the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology good ideas can find mentors and funding through their various competitions.

Shark Tank team


23. The Blue Line Deli now has smothered burritos—in case you’ve exhausted the possible combinations of their best deal, the custom PB&J.



24. VITA can help you play nice with the tax man.


25. This past school year, students, faculty, and alumni gave 25,000 hours of service!

million angels


To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the school’s naming, the Marriott School community jumped in to serve both on campus and around the globe. Read more about the inspiration behind the campaign here.