Three Essential Moving Checklists

Young couple moving house, taking a break

Whether you’re headed across the transcontinental divide or just down the street, moving brings its own set of, shall we say, “special” stresses. To help calm the turmoil, we’ve sought out some of the best tools for getting everything from point A to point B.

General Moving Checklist

If it says Martha Stewart, you can bet it’s a good thing. This printable checklist is no exception. It breaks down the steps of moving into manageable weekly chunks. I’m a big fan of the extra space where you can add in your own reminders.

martha moving screenshot

This printable moving checklist from Martha Stewart includes a schedule for the what and when of packing up.

One addition I’d make is a to-do item for returning anything borrowed. Take care of these items three weeks before the move so they’re less likely to be packed up. Your neighbors will appreciate getting their tools and dishes back, and the local library won’t have to fill your new mailbox with overdue notices.

Change of Address Checklist

The Unclutterer blog is a great one to check out as soon as you know you’re changing zip codes. Getting on top of clutter can nip the stress before the move. Beyond general cleaning tips, Unclutterer has a handy list of who to notify of your new address. The reader comments on the post also have a few good suggestions. I worry most about forgetting to update my restaurant loyalty programs. Missing my free birthday dinner postcard from Tucanos would really ruin my day.

Moving Fraud Prevention Checklist

Imagine loading up the moving truck only to never see your goods again. Moving may be stressful, but it’s nothing compared to moving fraud. The U.S. Department of Transportation has created a website dedicated to avoiding this scenario: Their checklist covers how to verify your mover–protecting you, your memories, and your money.

For more helpful tips check out our post on relocation tax breaks and “On the Move” in the Winter 2014 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine.