Fatherly Advice: Q&A with Steve Herlin

Herlin Family portraits at Tuhaye home in Park City, Utah

The Herlin family, from left: Todd, Clark, Alicia, Richard, Ann, Lewis, Lena, Kara, and Steve.

The Marriott School’s 2013 Honored Alum, Richard Herlin, isn’t just a successful businessman. As highlighted in “Rise to the Challenge,” in the Winter 2014 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine, the Deloitte partner is also a devoted family man and father of four, something he credits with helping him succeed in the business world.

We recently caught up with Herlin’s son Steve, a pre-business major at BYU, to talk about his dad, hard work, and moving—something the Herlin family did often as Richard took on different roles with Deloitte.

MAM: How was it listening to your dad give a speech at the Marriott School?

Steve: I was fascinated, probably just as much if not more than anybody else. It was really the first time I was learning about what he did. I didn’t really ask him about it much growing up because at that point I wasn’t too interested in accounting.

MAM: What stands out the most about your dad?

Steve: He’s an incredibly hard-working person, and he’s for everyone doing what they want to do. Growing up, as I considered what I wanted to do as a career, he would always say, “Do what you can handle and provide for your family.” That was great advice for me.

MAM: What was it like growing up in such diverse areas of the United States?

Steve: It was definitely tough. I lived in Dallas until I was eleven. Then I moved to Philadelphia, which was an eye-opener; it was completely different from Dallas. And Chicago was different from both of them. Initially it was difficult to make friends in Philly and Chicago because you have to adapt to the different personalities of people wherever you go. It was definitely a growing experience though.

MAM: Which city would you return to if you could?

Steve: I’d say being a kid was best in Philadelphia because there’s so much outdoor basketball. However, if I could go back to anywhere it would be Chicago; there are so many opportunities there.