Rex Tillerson — BYU Marriott School 2013 International Executive of the Year March 07

Integrity: The Most Valuable Asset

Imagine you’re a young executive about to seal the deal on a $4.5 billion contract. The other company goes to sign the contract, then casually asks for a $20 million bribe. What would you do? Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, faced this exact situation overseas and alone.

He said, no.

Tillerson captivated students, faculty, and National Advisory Council members at the Marriott School’s 2013 International Executive of the Year events with his stories about standing up for ethical behavior. Tillerson, who says he never expected a career in the oil business, believes that his leadership opportunities have naturally evolved from his commitment to personal integrity.

“Maintain and protect who you are, and remember that being a person with integrity is the most valuable asset you have,” Tillerson told students. “Don’t ever let anyone take that from you.”

Below, you can watch the full address and Q&A session.

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