Jake and Stacey: Beating the Odds

Married 22 May 2004

When it comes to working the numbers, these two accounting students sure know how to do it. In 2002 Jake Hansen was working as one of sixty BYU operators at the university: fifty-six were women and four of them, men. That same year he started his MAcc where the program had the exact opposite ratio with nearly two hundred men and about fifteen women. Jake was certain that if he was going to meet his wife anywhere it would be in the office, not the classroom. After all, the numbers said so.

Stacey Young would beat all the odds that September when she walked into Jake’s life during a study session for their accounting project. Jake remembers it differently, but Stacey says she was the one to make the first move. “He was sitting with three others guys, and I needed help so I came over,” Stacey says.

Though they had found each other, the road to a relationship didn’t prove to be that easy. Jake had a girlfriend at the time, so Stacey had to be patient. It wasn’t until December that Jake asked her on their first date. The waiting must have done the trick because two weeks later Stacey knew she wanted to marry Jake. “I was talking to my mom one day and told her, ‘I don’t see us breaking up,’” Stacey says. “‘If we do, it will be because of him not because of me.’”

Wedding 1

Jake traveled his own road to this realization. “I think the time I realized it was right to marry Stacey was when she, a couple of friends, and I went on a road trip to Los Angeles,” Jake says. “I realized how much fun she was and how I couldn’t live without her.” On the way back from California a bridge on I-15 had been washed out extending their trip into a less than ideal adventure through the heat of Arizona and up into Nevada. “We drove sixteen hours in a car,” Jake says. “If you can do that with someone through the Arizona desert, you know that you can live with that person forever.”

A year of courtship lead Jake to ask for Stacey’s hand in December 2003. Five months later and ten days after Stacey graduated with her MAcc, they were married. Jake received his degree in 2005 and the family now lives in Salt Lake. Stacey works from home while caring for their two kids, and Jake crunches numbers for Ernst and Young, where he specializes in bank auditing.

Curr Family Pic 2

Jake and Stacey will celebrate their tenth anniversary this year. “The numbers were against us, but we ended up just being in the right place,” Jake says. “We beat the odds at the Marriott School.” After a decade together these two accounting grads still make every moment they have count.

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