“Rise and Shout” Turns Into “I Do”

Married 25 July 2007

wedding 11

Though the Marriott School deserves some credit for bringing MAcc grads Joseph and Julie Hales Meyers together, BYU sports also holds a key to their hearts. Despite having MAcc classes together before, both remember really noticing each other while Julie gave a presentation about the BYU Athletics Department. Her lively performance of the BYU fight song during the presentation caught Joseph’s notice. When he commented to the class about having driven to Wyoming for an away football game, Julie found herself equally impressed.

With the help of the intramural website, Joseph found out that she played tennis and invited her for a match. Julie already had plans to attend a BYU football fireside and invited him along. By November 2006, the two were dating and the score was love.

“The first time we held hands and acknowledged that we were interested in each other, I felt so happy and at peace and realized I’d never felt this way about anyone before,” Julie says. “I had no reservations or doubts. Subconsciously, I knew then that I wanted to marry him.”

Even before Joseph had decided to marry Julie, he terminated an employment contract that would take him to Florida and away from Julie, who was working for KPMG in Salt Lake. “I considered that decision more necessary than I did brave at the time. Now I realize it was both,” he says.

A few months later, Joseph and Julie met at the pink cinder block duplex where he lived south of campus. Joseph pulled out a ring box from under the couch and before the night ended, they had already started their wedding plans. “It felt like all barriers were lifted, and we were on an open, never-ending highway,” Joseph says.

These days, that highway has taken them full circle to Clearwater, Florida. Before making the big move, Julie, who graduated in 2006, spent her last day on the job at KPMG mid-audit and in labor with their first son. They have since added two more boys to the family. Joseph, a 2007 grad, works with his father in a small public accounting practice. Their hobbies naturally include watching the BYU sports on TV and playing tennis.

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