Winter 2014 full coverFew things on NBC have the ability to move me like the Olympic Games (apologies to the network’s Thursday night lineup). Though the host cities change, the heartbreaks and heroics of the athletes always strike a chord.

Perhaps that’s why the Winter 2014 issue kicks off with “Melodic Progression.” As assistant to the president of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Jon Rowberry has stirring memories—like singing at the 2002 Opening Ceremonies. The 1970 accounting alum’s career has been more than a series of arpeggios, though. Rowberry tackled the business arena for decades, eventually being named CEO of FranklinCovey.

Continuing the Olympic tone, the school is nearing the halfway point of its Marriott 25 service marathon. As of publication, we’ve racked up nearly 15,000 hours (you can get in on the action here). The magazine staff decided to take a fresh spin on the school’s silver anniversary in “Joint Ventures,” where seven couples recount how their time in the TNRB led to wedded bliss. Since we couldn’t fit all the adorable, hilarious, and touching meet cutes in our printed edition, we’re spreading the love here on the blog.

This issue also features two great speeches: one from ExxonMobil’s CEO, Rex Tillerson, and one from Marriott School alum Richard Herlin, a partner at Deloitte and member of the school’s National Advisory Council. While “The Most Valuable Asset” and “Rise to the Challenge” cover different topics, the ultimate takeaway is that nothing—“no issue, opportunity, client, boss, or fee,” to quote Herlin—should divert your moral compass.

Finally, we have to hand it to professor Ryan Elder. His research on the placement of objects in advertisements made for a delectable subject in “Side Effects.” Elder found that it isn’t just the juicy hamburger that attracts customers; it’s the hand that’s holding it in the commercial—particularly the right hand. But don’t despair, lefties. Several noted Olympians—think Dorothy Hamill, Mark Spitz, and Greg Louganis—have raised their left hands in victory.

Let the games begin!