Mac Turns Thirty: Bring on the Cake

mac cake attribution needed cakehead loves flicker

On 24 January 1984—thirty years ago today—Apple introduced its first Macintosh computer with the bold declaration that this product was “insanely great.” Frankly, after thirty years of ground-breaking products, we have to agree that Mac is insanely great—and that’s something to celebrate!

Want to stage your own celebration of Apple’s panache and innovation? I suggest starting with an Apple ad marathon. Have you seen the 1984 ad—the one that started it all? Check out the remastered version below.

You can also watch Steve Jobs introducing the first Macintosh and hear the computer introduce itself as well.

MacWorld, the magazine founded to cover the advent of the Macintosh, is also celebrating its thirtieth. Check out their thorough coverage of the Mac at Thirty, including my favorite article: “Five Macs That Changed Everything.”

And of course, every party needs cake.

We’re all about celebration here. Speaking of, we’re commemorating twenty-five years of Marriott. Now we just need someone to make a Tanner Building cake tutorial . . .

Photo credit: Cakehead Loves