Pascal Blanchet: Illustrating the Globe

illustration in post

Our fall 2013 article “World Market” invited readers to think about jobs abroad. We followed suit and took the job of illustrating the article out into the world, where we met Pascal Blanchet. His lively illustrations made the spread into a work of art. This month, we caught up with him to learn more about the man behind those wonderful color schemes.

Pascal Blanchet is what you’d call a self-made artist. With no illustration training behind him, he signed with an illustration rep in New York City; since 2004, he has worked as a full-time illustrator. His work has graced the pages of Penguin Books, the New Yorker, Wired magazine, and other publications in addition to our own Marriott Alumni Magazine.

His work is inspired by architecture, golden age jazz, and 30s and 40s design. He uses gouache paint, as well as Adobe Illustrator, to create these swinging pieces.

For our article, Blanchet drew his inspiration from Parisian architecture, which makes sense since he’s certainly no stranger to the francophone world.

“I’m from Québec, Canada,” Blanchet says. “My first language is French, but living in North America means being able to communicate in English. Thanks to my roots I’m what you can call midway between European and American, so it makes it easier to deal with both.”

He calls his studio home, but when asked about his own travel plans, he’s quick to name Morocco as his big travel dream.