Making the Most of Your Daily Commute

?????????The word commute often comes with a negative connotation. It fosters memories of crowded trains, red lights for miles, and annoying siblings who keep asking, “Are we there yet?” With more than 212 million licensed drivers in America, it is easy to see why people get frustrated with their daily commute. But, if you look hard enough, you can still find happy commuters.

An article by the Wall Street Journal  highlights several ways people can make the most of their commutes. Mike Venerable, managing director of an investment group in Cincinnati, has found a way to enjoy his daily commute by making calls on his hands-free phone and streaming country music.

“The ultimate commuter—a person who really likes the amenities of commuting—is somebody like me, who will pull in the driveway and have a conversation going on for twenty minutes without getting out of the car,” Vernable says.

Holland Sullivan of Bronxville, New York, takes a twenty-seven-minute train ride along with a fifteen-minute subway trip to get to work. Before catching the train, Sullivan downloads several newspapers and magazines onto his smartphone, getting all of his reading done on the move.

Nicole Engelbert, also from Bronxville, opts to take the one-hour train ride over driving her car into New York City.

“Driving could take half as much time, but I could be cursing at the driver in front of me and not getting a chance to read my book and relax,” Engelbert says.

Bobby Brancazio from Hoboken, New Jersey, shaved nearly an hour off of his commute by taking the ferry instead of the normal bus route. Standing on the top deck of the ferry is one Brancazio’s highlights of the day.

“It’s like an eight-minute vacation—a mini-cruise in the middle of the concrete jungle,”Brancazio says.

With more than 11.1 million people driving at least an hour to work every day, it is easy to get frustrated. Try something new on your next commute, whether it’s catching up on the latest issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine or listening to your favorite podcast. To learn more about ways you can reinvent your commute check out “By The Numbers” in the fall issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine.