Kimberly Clark’s Top Five Travel Tips

Travel enthusiast, globetrotter, and citizen of the world, Kimberly Clark (this issue’s leading lady and 2006 MBA grad) very rarely has empty suitcases. At this point it’s easier to name the places she hasn’t been than to count her passport stamps. Domestically she’s on a quest to visit all fifty states. A trip to Wisconsin earlier this year brought the running total to thirty-eight.

During our interview, Clark divulged her five best tips to help you get through the holiday travel season. After all, someone who has racked up that many SkyMiles is bound to have a few tricks up her sleeve.         

  1. Only pack a carry-on bag. “It forces you to bring exactly what you need,” Clark says. “And nothing ever gets lost!”
  2. Invest in a RuMe bag. “They roll up so you can toss one in your purse if you know you’re going to do some shopping later that day.”
  3. Wear fuzzy socks. “When I’m on a long flight, I slip off my shoes and put on some thick socks,” she says. “It makes it easier to sleep.”
  4. Stock up on Gatorade. “I take powdered Gatorade with me so I can restore electrolytes on the go.”
  5. Bring a scarf. “You never know when it’s going to get cool in a restaurant or on a plane,” Clark says. “I always carry a pashmina just in case.”