6 Tips for Becoming the Ultimate Road Warrior

We all hate being stuck in traffic. It’s one of those unifying nuisances in life—like that guy who takes a phone call in the movie theater. In fact, the average American spends about an hour a day commuting. Instead of simply complaining about traffic, we recommend being proactive. Here are six suggestions commuters can use to reclaim that lost hour.

If you ride…

  1. Take an online college course—With a variety of courses offered through online colleges, finding one that fits your needs has never been easier. The Great Courses hires professors from the world’s best universities to give lectures on a variety of subjects. Although the courses cost money and don’t count for credit, there are other alternatives. iTunes U offers thousands of free college courses from top universities.
  2. Develop a hobby—Sometimes we all need a break—from work, school, or anything that requires a great deal of thought or planning. Knitting, Rubik’s Cubes, or Sudoku puzzles could be an outlet to take your mind off the world as you’re riding shotgun alongside your carpool buddy.
  3. Write in a journal—Writing in a journal is a therapeutic outlet to record your personal history and organize your thoughts. It also makes for a meaningful time-filler on your morning bus ride.

If you drive…

  1. Learn a new language—Learning a new language can be challenging. Companies like Rosetta Stone, though, were tailor-made to simplify the process and make it possible for anyone who puts in time—even if it’s amid stop-and-go traffic.
  2. Download a podcast—By setting up daily or weekly downloads, your morning drive could consist of movie, politics, and sports news. A variety of topics are covered, and podcasts can be listened to at your own pace and even saved for later. The result is an extremely convenient mode of staying up to date.
  3. Call a friend or family member—Taking the time on your drive home to call a parent, sibling, or old friend gives you the chance to check in on old chums. Just be sure to know the laws of your state and always use a hands-free device.

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