Kicking Around Great Ideas

Since publishing our article “Seeking Investors on Main Street” about the Marriott School’s crowdfunding course, we checked back in and found that investors have gone all in for the products BYU students are making.

Through the crowdfunding course, students generate product ideas and take them all the way to the doorsteps of their customers, making a crucial stop at, where backers pledge money, to ensure their favorite ideas make it to production.

According to Daniel Falabella, co-creator of the course, this semester’s class raised $20,781 within forty-eight hours of launching on the site. They’ve also quadrupled the number of products, up from the three that debuted last winter.

So far this season six products have been fully funded—with money to spare.

There are only a few days left to chip in for some of these products, including those handsome eyewear bands shown above. Don’t miss out on your chance to be a Main Street investor.

Check out the current and past projects at