Introducing Photog Brittany Ambridge


In between her travels to Morocco, India, and France, Brittany Ambridge, photo director for Domino magazine and new contributor for Marriott Alumni Magazine, finds joy in capturing everyday beauty.

“If you are like me and love photography more than you love air, you should probably do photography,” says Ambridge, who was recently mentioned in a New York Times article about Domino’s digital reboot. “I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

Ambridge received her first point-and-shoot camera at age nine. She recalls taking pictures of bark on trees and trying to catch shadows in her lens. “I was the person that brought her camera to school and would take pictures of everyone,” she says. “For my eighth-grade science project I even made a pinhole camera to display.”

That interest has developed into a remarkable career. After graduating from BYU in 2006 with a BFA in photography, Ambridge moved to London to work in the film stills department on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. But upon returning to Utah, she found herself in a rut—until inspiration arrived via candy wrapper.

“There wasn’t really anything for me to do in Utah,” Ambridge says. “I was eating one of those Dove chocolates and its wrapper read ‘Be Fearless.’ It really struck a chord with me. A month and a half later I arrived in New York City.”

Since moving to New York Ambridge has established herself as one of the best photographers in the business. She was gracious enough to photograph Kimberly Clark, a 2006 MBA graduate, for Citi Slicker in the fall issue.

“Kimberly is definitely going places so we wanted to work with the theme of transportation—shoot her at Grand Central Station, riding the subway, and getting into a taxi,” Ambridge says. “We also tried to capture the hustle and bustle of New York City.”

Besides photography and traveling the world, Ambridge considers herself quite the foodie. She insists that the best cupcake on the Upper East Side is the Brooklyn Blackout from the bakery Two Little Red Hens.

“I love to go to new restaurants and try new food,” Ambridge says. “My favorite place to eat is called Banjara. They have the best lamb chop masala in the world—I can say that since I’ve been to India!”