November 07

Roundup: Marriott School Fall 2013 News

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we’ve compiled a highlight reel of Marriott School news. Here’s a look at what’s happened this fall.

School News

BYU Joins Elite Company in Latest U.S. News Rankings: BYU surged four spots to 27th among undergraduate business programs,  while also posting strong marks in accounting.

Marriott School Ranked Most Family Friendly — Again: For the ninth consecutive year, The Princeton Review ranked the Marriott School the most family friendly b-school in the nation.

Medal of Honor Recipient Speaks at BYU: As a special guest of the BYU Army ROTC, Romesha spoke on 5 September, about what he learned in combat to a campus crowd at the Varsity Theatre.

Faculty Research

How Instagram Can Ruin Your Dinner: Warning Instagrammers: Marriott School research suggests you might want to stop taking so many pictures of your food.

Digital Deception: People Who Lie While Texting Take Longer to Respond: Ever been trading a flurry of text messages when there’s an awkward pause? Well, research from BYU shows you probably should be suspicious.

Wearing High Heels Can Change the Way You Shop: A study by Marriott School professors found that heeled consumers are more likely to select budget-friendly items.