Creating Your Own Mobile App

In the fall issue‘s Around the Cooler we talked about the growing market for app developers. But the decision to build an app is no small matter for small business owners. gives some great advice to those looking to get in the app game.

Step 1Decide if it’s worth it: Depending on the situation, sometimes all an organization needs to boost its online presence is a strategic Facebook or Twitter account. Evaluate and test if this is all you need. If so, you’ll save yourself time and money.

Step 2—Start small: Before spending big bucks on a contract with an app developer, experiment with a template site. For example, allows you to launch a simple app at low cost to test how your audience responds. If the results are positive, a more complex app could be worth the investment.

Step 3—Hire a developer: If you feel your company could benefit from a more complex app, hire a developer. Chances are you’d have to hire someone to fix what you were able to piece together anyway. Although learning some code is helpful in being able to speak the language, hiring a proven developer with a solid record of success is the best way to get a high-quality product.

The time and money associated with launching a mobile app could either be the next step in growing your business or an unnecessary expense. By starting small and continually evaluating your progress, you can best manage your mobile growth.