Get to Know Journalist Holly Munson

Holly Munson, grammar dynamo and author of “Inbox Intervention,” is one of Marriott Alumni Magazine’s favorite writers. Looking beyond the well-placed prose that dominates Holly’s work, I placed a call to her Philadelphia apartment to chat about email, American history, and family ties.

Email can seem like a wah-wah kind of subject, but you made it interesting! Did you take any of your own advice?

Like most stories I work on and research, I got totally immersed in the subject and started to see opportunities in my own work to apply what I’d been learning. I definitely was more thoughtful about when I cc’d colleagues on emails. My husband, Dave, makes fun of me because I am one of those people who overanalyze emails. I’ll rewrite an email five times even if it’s about the most mundane thing.

What did you like most about penning this story?

I realized that using email effectively isn’t just about your career. It’s entirely integrated into having good work-life balance. With many of the people I interviewed, it was easy to see the major wellness benefits that can come from managing email effectively.

You previously worked as a writer at the Marriott School and at the LDS Church’s magazines. What’s your current day job?

I joined the staff at the National Constitution Center about two and a half years ago. I’m a writer and an editor for the center’s website and blog, Constitution Daily. In addition, I do content strategy for the site, determining quality standards, governance, and work flow.

What’s your favorite part about working at the Constitution Center?

The super geeky constitutional debates we have! My hands-down favorite was whether there was a comma after we in “We the People.” It stemmed out of my work on the editorial style guide, and ultimately we had to ask one of our trustees, a constitutional scholar, to weigh in. The final answer: no comma.

You’re a West Coast girl at heart. Have you adjusted to the City of Brotherly Love?

I still miss my home state of California, but I have found reasons to love Philadelphia and most of them revolve around food—just not cheesesteak since I’m a vegetarian. Dave and I love browsing all the delicious offerings at Reading Terminal Market.