Dress Your Nest with Matryoshki

The cover illustration for our summer issue did more than inspire me to rethink the golden rule of finance. It made me crave my own set of matryoshka dolls. I haven’t made a purchase yet, but here are a few of the products “stacking up” in my online shopping cart.

matroyshka measuring cups

Adorable and useful, these dolls from Urban Outfitters pull double-duty as a set of measuring cups and countertop decor. $12

iphone doll case

Dress up an iPhone with this matryoshka-inspired case from Zazzle.com. $43

doll pencil case

Store pens and pencils in one of these cute caddies available from Etsy.com. $11


Dress up your fridge with this set of babushka magnets from Coolstuffexpress.com. $2