Management Society’s New Chapter in Africa

Ghana ChapterThe BYU Management Society extended its reach to Africa this spring with a chapter in Accra, Ghana. The newest members of the society are looking forward to creating change for Ghanaians by focusing on the Management Society’s mission to foster integrity in business.

“Being the first chapter in Africa places a huge responsibility on our shoulders,” explains Seth Ayim, president of the new chapter. “We are pioneers leading Ghana and Africa in championing moral and ethical leadership. We come to the table determined to succeed.”

The chapter came about through a serendipitous meeting between Ayim and Management Society steering committee member Chet Harmer at an LDSTech conference in Salt Lake City. Always ready to help other professionals, Harmer encouraged and supported Ayim throughout the process of forming a new chapter.

“There is something unique about Seth,” Harmer says. “It takes a person who can catch the Management Society’s vision but also follow through. He is dependable, works hard, and gets results.”

The Ghana Chapter has already solicited twenty members, including accountants, media professionals, and IT managers. To fulfill the Management Society’s goal of developing business leaders, the new chapter members are planning several events to benefit their area.
The first is a quarterly career fair for Ghanaian college students. The new chapter plans on partnering with BYUIdaho Pathway Program to assist students with computer fundamentals, English, and basic math skills. The group also plans to encourage members to pursue professional development through graduate studies in Ghana and abroad by sponsoring scholarships.

“They are embracing all the ideas of the Management Society,” says Rixa Oman, Management Society executive director. “Their excitement is inspiring.”

The BYU Management Society links together managers, executives, lawyers, accountants, bankers, investors, and other professionals. With more than ninety chapters in twenty-five countries, the organization is committed to growing moral and ethical leadership around the world in addition to supporting BYU and promoting lifelong learning, service, and networking opportunities.