Turn Down the Heat with an Icy Mocktail

It’s getting hot, like cook-a-pizza-in-your-car hot. Put a little chill back in your life (sans AC) with this summer mocktail. It’s a raspberry slush just like mom used to make. Seriously, my mom used to make this. I brought it out of retirement for this year’s patriotic festivities to rave reviews.

The recipe comes from The Farm Girl. While she calls for now-discontinued raspberry Koolaid, I was able to find a generic sugar-free raspberry drink mix. An unintended benefit of my swap? I had to cut half the recipe’s sugar to accomodate the already sweet mix. Fewer calories and more flavor? Yes, please. For a little extra panache, I garnished the slush with fresh raspberries right before serving. They just look prettier than the frozen berries.

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