Editor’s Notes: Inside the Summer 2013 Issue

When I invited writer Bremen Leak to pen this issue’s cover story, “When Budgeting Backfires,” I had no idea the piece would develop an international flair. The assignment was to cover research by Marriott School professor Jeff Larson about the dark side of budgeting. The story seemed rooted in American consumerism. Leak, however, took a different view.

He submitted his first draft while traveling in Moscow and illustrated the professor’s findings with what amounts to Russian iconography: a set of nesting dolls. In fact, the only thing marring the story’s Eastern flavor was that Leak used Wi-Fi at a McDonalds to beam his story into my inbox.

Email has an amazing ability to connect us. In the case of Leak’s story, it bridged nearly six thousand miles in a single click. But while email has changed the way we do business, it’s also invaded our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine a decade ago. Journalist Holly Munson found the average worker sends and receives 114 emails each day and 94 percent of us are checking our work email around the clock—even when we’re not on the clock. In “Inbox Intervention,” Munson explores breaking out of the send cycle.

This issue also features Gail Miller, the indomitable owner of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, which includes car dealerships, sports and entertainment ventures—think the Utah Jazz—restaurants, insurance and advertising businesses, and several charities. Her remarks, given at April’s convocation, detail her personal journey to success.

Miller’s isn’t the only story focused on moving forward. Eric Watson is Mazda’s go-to guy for brand and marketing communications. His high-octane career has taken him cross-country and put him behind the wheel of some of the industry’s most drool-worthy cars. When he offered to secure a new Soul Red Mazda 6 for our California photo shoot, the Marriott Mag staff gladly accepted. We just have one final question for Watson: When can we come take another test drive?