Brett and kim August 09

Class Note: Hot Off the Press

Kim Borup knows a good investment when she sees one. The skills that the 1992 Marriott School business grad earned during years of experience in the field are currently bearing fruit in Paper Bandit Press, the letterpress printing company that Kim began with her husband, Brett, more than two years ago. “I’ve used my degree […]

firefighting August 03

Romney students fight real-world wildfires

BYU MPA students don’t have to wait to graduate before tackling hot issues. In their second year, students enroll in a class that partners them with government or non-profit entities, giving them the chance to solve real problems for real organizations. And while it’s no easy feat, they will tell you it’s one of the […]

Cheerful businessman jumping on the beach August 01

A summer in the life of MBA students

Graduate business school isn’t easy by any means. MBA students write, work, research, and write some more. And then to top it all off, they are required to spend their precious summer breaks as interns. Yes, it sounds treacherous, but students usually agree that their summer sacrifices are worth it. To get the inside scoop […]

Melissa Western July 29

Accounting Professor Reaches New Heights

After growing up in Kingsburg, California, new BYU School of Accountancy professor Melissa Western completed her undergraduate studies in neighboring Fresno. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to major in, but many of her track teammates were business students. They encouraged her to try out an accounting class, which she did—and she fell in love. “It […]

Bednar, Jeffrey 18

1307-30 Jeff Bednar, Organizational Leadership/Strategy Faculty member. Marriott School of Management (MSM).

July 23, 2013

Photo by Bella Torgerson/BYU

© BYU PHOTO 2013
All Rights Reserved  (801)422-7322 July 28

Jeff Bednar: Coming Full Circle

“Career goals are worthless.” This was one of the surprising pieces of advice that Jeff Bednar received as an undergrad at BYU. Roger Christensen, the chief budget officer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Bednar’s mentor, continued: “I don’t mean to say you shouldn’t plan and make goals. You just need […]

LOGO PS July 26

Solving Problems, One ‘Stoplight’ At A Time

Eradicate poverty? Similar to scooping water out of a sinking ship using only a perforated bucket, it can seem like an impossible feat. But like most difficult tasks, the problem could be that we’re taking the wrong approach. Set down your buckets. There may be a solution. Welcome to Poverty Stoplight. More than just a […]

1102-32 Freeman, Patti 12

1102-31 Portrait session for the business school requested by Nina Whitehead

February 15, 2011

Photo by Jonathan Hardy/BYU
© BYU PHOTO 2011
All Rights Reserved  (801)422-7322 July 21

Making General Ed Cool Again

Oh, general education classes. You know, those mandatory non-major courses everyone begrudgingly signs up for as freshmen and sometimes—okay, usually—puts off until the last semester? While many may view these classes as a tedious check-list, Patti Freeman, former chair of the Department of Recreational Management and newly appointed associate dean for Undergraduate Studies, hopes to […]

Rick Johnson headshot 2 July 19

The Business of Show Business

The white letters of the Hollywood Sign are framed in Rick Johnson’s office window, along with a city street lined with palm trees. Down one block is the Jimmy Kimmel Live! headquarters, where Johnson once hoisted his nine-year-old daughter atop his shoulders to watch a free Taylor Swift concert hosted by the studio. As a […]

American Flag July 18

How ROTC Cadets Do Summer

Summer is what you make it. Check out what BYU Air Force ROTC cadets are up to when school’s out: Steven Richard Lau is living the high-life on the Hill. As a senior studying political science and Russian, working as a national defense and security intern for Utah Senator Orrin Hatch is a match made […]

inti2 July 11

Cotopaxi’s got crowdfunding covered

Cotopaxi has a reputation of generating new and ingenious designs, but its newest product, the Inti 2, takes innovation to a whole new level. The Inti 2 claims to be the “world’s most versatile tent”—a tent that adapts to solo and group campers. The tent saves adventurers the pain of packing or owning numerous or […]

Watts in Space Suit June 30

Sky’s the Limit for MPA Alum

“Reach for the stars” is a figurative goal for most of us, but for Kevin Watts, a 1986 graduate of the BYU Masters of Public Administration program, it is an everyday reality. Watts, originally from Salt Lake City, has worked at NASA for thirty years. He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree […]

DSC_0123 June 23

Entrepreneurship Is a Romp

As a busy neuroscience graduate student and teacher of undergrad psychology courses at Duke University, Stephanie Santistevan-Swett needed a versatile outfit to get her through busy days. Rompers—loose, one-piece garments combining a shirt and pants or shorts—were the perfect mix of comfy and cute, but she was having a hard time finding any with sleeves. So […]

BYU_REVISED_Pennants June 09

Parent’s Guide to HIPAA and FERPA

As soon as children turn eighteen, they are no longer children in the eyes of US law, and parents generally no longer have access to their medical, academic, and financial information. Talk with your teen before he or she turns eighteen about this shift, emphasizing your trust and confidence in his or her ability to […]

books June 09

Marriott Alumni Take the “Write” Track

Ever rubbed shoulders with a famous author? You probably have. The Summer 2016 issue of Marriott Alumni Magazine features seven of our notable wordsmiths, but on the chance your literary appetite is hungry for more, you can fatten your summer reading list with this roundup of distinguished Marriott School writers. Cloak and Dagger—Taking a page […]

BYU_Icon_graduation cap June 09

A Simple Breakdown of Financial Aid

The big question: How do we figure out financial aid? The calculation seems simple—the cost of college, minus the family’s ability to pay, equals a student’s financial need. But the financial aid process can be anything but straightforward. Here’s how to decipher the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) and other options. Calculate the cost. […]

BYU_Juggling June 09

30 Apps & Programs to Ace College Life

Finances: These apps help students stay smart about their money. Mint: Lets you pull information from your financial accounts into one place, then tracks, budgets, and analyzes it all. (Free; iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon) Level: For those who need daily reminders to stick to their budget, with a quick visualization of exactly how much is […]

Caroline May 24

Department Office: Meet Caroline Thorne

The first semester of college can be rough—just ask Caroline Thorne, academic advisor to Marriott School graduate information systems students. After losing her husband fifteen years ago, Thorne returned to college in her forties while raising four children. And then everything went up in flames, literally: a house fire displaced the family for two months, […]

soda-686984 May 19

Throwback Thursday: A Tale of Two Sodas

The likes of Coke and Pepsi don’t take kindly to competition. Along with other corporate guardians of attractive markets, these giants spend billions in price wars, ad blitzes, and lawsuits to protect their lucrative turf. But that doesn’t always stop would-be challengers. In the late 1990s, two companies readied to take a swing at the […]


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